Thursday, July 24, 2008

Take This

I was thinking about ombudsmen last night. Have they disappeared? I remember when almost every company or organizations dealing with the public were hiring ombudsmen to fairly represent the public. Most large newspapers hired them.

The reason I was thinking about them was the fact that they are definitely needed within our health care system. I’m fairly certain that insurance companies wouldn’t welcome them but I still believe that most doctors would. I could be wrong.

Another thought; I was browsing through some of the paperwork that I’m supposed to fill out for a doctor and I saw an immediate need for someone to interpret some of the questions for me. (And I'm a former health professional) It might be a new profession! And as a certified nerd, I could see that what was needed was a digital standardized medical profile with all the usual information on a SIMM. Just hand it to the receptionist. Have a pocket full of them. Save a tree...or two.

As I think about the SIMM again, I realize that as usual, we are being ‘dumbed down’ by those who just don’t get it. And so we continue to use pencil and paper. We write checks. Why don’t we just leave this behind us and embrace the 21st century?

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