Monday, July 14, 2008

Today has been cancelled

What will I write about today? It’s my journal, my blog; I can write about anything I want. I just need a little prompting this morning and usually the headline news stories do that for me. Not today. Been there, done that.

After reading most of the typical or mainstream news sources, my usual reaction to the stories has become, “I knew that” or “I could have told you that”. And the most common, “Duh! What did you expect?”

News we expect to hear. Sad. No wonder so many of the newspapers are having a hard time retaining an audience. Or; and this is important – maybe we, the news consuming public, have changed and that’s why the stories are short and boring? Of course; that is it!

Wrong again. Bad journalism has been with us ever since the profession began. There never were any better years. And the public’s demand for bad journalism has never wavered. ‘Short and sweet.’ ‘Don’t want to read a book! That’s why I bought a newspaper.’ And the same applies to broadcast media. We get what we asked for. Always have and always will. Sigh.

Can you imagine life without the internet? I would have to cut out part of my brain to live without it. The part that requires an information feed, data. And in my vision of the future, the internet only becomes better, with data terminals available anywhere and all free. I only hope I can live long enough to see it.

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