Friday, July 25, 2008


A dilemma. The outside temperature is 65° and inside it’s 80°. All I have to do is open the windows and let in some of that cool air. Fill the house with it and the AC won’t turn on for hours. Wrong. The smoke is still with us and as soon as I cracked the window, I could smell it.


  1. Kitty7:07 AM

    You guys have had a rough summer. I had to go back almost 2 months in your blog to see when you first started talking about the smoke. Are the fires still burning? They must be since you are still smelling smoke.

  2. Yep. The fires continue. Part of the problem is with the burn-outs. Firemen start new fires to get rid of the vulnerable fuels nearby.

    The current smoke is supposed to be from Shasta/Trinity Counties along Highway 299.

    And the Butte County fairgrounds are still filled with tents and fire engines.

    2008. The year of the summer that never was...

  3. I noticed last night the moon had the same effect.... We fortunately do not have the smoke smell today! Although they said on the weather that we may get it later in the day. I was telling Kevin this morning that my throat was sore - he claims its from all the snoring I did last night - I disagree!

  4. You're not the only one with the smoke smell, Steven. It's clear down here in Meridian too. Every time I go out my door to do something, change the sprinkler, take trash out, let cats in or out, the smell hits my nose and I start sneezing... UGH!