Friday, August 8, 2008

The News at 4:15

There’s excitement… somewhere. Boo the cat wanted in this morning, as usual, but only for a moment. She grabbed her breakfast and ran back to the door. Out, she said; or as I understood it. I don’t speak ‘cat’, but I knew what she wanted. And she was eager to go. What’s going on out there that I’m unaware of?

(Later) OK. Whatever it was, it’s over. Boo wanted back in about an hour later and she is now her usual lazy self, sitting in the window and staring out into the darkness.

That’s enough cat blogging. There has to be something better for me to write about this morning. I just need to find it.

The morning email does bring me a note from our friend’s in the Northwest with some news of Art Thiel and a link to his column and blog.

OK, that will keep me busy for awhile…

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