Monday, November 17, 2008

Don’t Go There!

I was browsing this morning and ran across a blog where the author was reporting on the upsurge of racial jokes and threats (even some violence) in the region where he lives. I don't want to even include a link here, but I know the area and it's not surprising. And it's also not surprising that we hear some of the same evil here on the Planet Orland. Is there any place at all where ignorance doesn't have a foothold?

I'm afraid I was basking in the warm feeling that somehow, we, as a nation, had left the ignorance and evil of racism behind us when we elected President Obama. Stupid me. As long as there is any discernible difference between ourselves and someone else, we will find a reason to hate. Stupid humans.

OK, it's a good wakeup call. This isn't going to be easy and we shouldn't expect it to be…

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