Saturday, November 22, 2008

How Much?

It's chilly out there! And I can hear the owl. It's into the high 30's this morning and at this early hour the heater is already blowing warm air around my feet. We don't have a fire going; not yet. The chimney sweep has to be called first and that will happen soon. Then we can be serious about reducing our gas bill. We have a 'short' cord of almond wood left from last year and that will have to do it for this season. When it's gone… it's gone.

The wood heat is always comforting. The cat likes it and so do we, but it doesn't save you any money unless you're getting the wood for free. Firewood is selling for around $200 a cord. And it reduces your gas bill by around that same amount. Or not. We paid $250 a cord for ours, last year. Add in the cost of the chimney sweep and you have a net loss. But it feels like you have avoided paying the power company and that's always a good feeling! It's fun to be delusional…


  1. That's high Dad - we just paid $50.00 for a 1/2 cord. And I saw a sign the other day for $80 for a cord..... Why so much?

  2. The price has probably come down because of the surplus Almond firewood from last winter's wind storms that devastated the orchards around here.