Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Although I do like the fact that MS Word 2007 will allow you to post to your blog directly and without going through the Blogger dashboard, I am having a real issue with how it handles hyperlinks. Insert one and all of the text beyond that point is now part of the hyperlink. Frustrating! And when I go to edit it, Word has inserted so much odd code that I'm rarely successful in finding the spot where the error occurred. Very frustrating. I guess I will try to add the links at the end of each post.


  1. Gee, why am I not surprised :-(

    I have for years avoided using Word for anything involving HTML code for exactly that reason, it inserts a whole lot of extra stuff that only creates trouble. Word is great for some things, but creating HTML for the web would not be one of them!

    Have you tried Cyberscribe? I used it once and it seemed to work OK but I haven't really looked into it as something I would use consistently...

  2. Thanks! I will give it (Cyberscribe) a shot. I try and keep a daily journal and a blog. Some parts of my journal I post and it would be great if I could simply stay in one program. I must say that Word 2007 does a much better job of avoiding junk html than it's predecessors, but it chokes on the hyperlinks every time.