Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Jacket Store

Keyless Remote Rubber Covers

Our new car has had some problems. More than once we have come back to the car and found the front seat windows rolled part of the way down. Not a lot, just cracked a little. The other day though, they were all of the way down!

Unknown to us was a feature? that allows you to press the 'unlock' button for 5 seconds and the windows roll down. Why? I haven't a clue.

So my best guess is that I have been leaning against something while nearby and that action pressed the button. It's a guess...but a good one. So here is a possible fix.


  1. I had that on my Jetta, and I loved it. On a super hot day, I could walk up and release the heat for a few minutes before sitting down. Or maybe I just thought it was cool. Oh well.

  2. It is cool... except when you don't know the windows are a crowded parking lot.

    And also press the 'Unlock' to operate this feature. The doors unlock and then relock as the windows come down. So the car is locked again; sort of.