Sunday, December 14, 2008

Look Into The Light!

A quiet morning for me. I haven't even looked at the news! But I will… In the meantime I got involved in writing something for my Working blog and then I was using Google to find people that I remembered from the time I was writing about. Which I did. You have to love Google!

What else… I did finish the book, Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy. Whoa! If you are at all bothered by violence, don't read the book. If you love the written word, be sure to read it. McCarthy is poet and author and he can string words together beautifully even when they are savage. I've read four of his books now in the past few weeks and I need to find another one.

And as I began another book last night, Boo the Cat took up her usual place, stretched out on my lap and legs. And after awhile, I was inclined to shut my eyes…to better meditate upon what I was reading of course. When I opened my eyes, I beheld a royal purple cat! Not entirely purple; just those sections of her fur that were reflecting the light in some mysterious manner. As I stroked her back, the color would change from dull black to a dark purple. Wow! I shut my eyes. I opened them and poor Boo was her ordinary self. Still lovely of course, but she really did look good in purple!

But, what caused that? If you have ever been around an all-black cat, you know that their fur can appear to be reddish brown in a certain light. So I assumed that the Ott light I was using to read by had affected my vision in some way. So I closed my eyes, leaned back and 'meditated' some more. Sure enough, when I opened them I had my purple cat back!


  1. Sometimes Mom would see emerald green when she awoke from a couch nap. She too would enjoy the colors of her apartment for a few moments, close her eyes and when she reopened them her old furniture was back. She always enjoyed the experience. It could have been shadows and light, I don't know.

  2. I particularly enjoyed being able to change Boo's color by simply moving my hand across her fur. One way - purple. the other way - black again.

    Truth is, she would look great in purple! I wonder if I can get her to stand still for a dye job?