Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Still mumbling

The other day, when I was mumbling about the different supermarkets and how they were faring during this Depression, I forgot to mention Trader Joe's markets. Well, I can report that they seem to be doing quite well. The local store is as full of customers as it always was. And we were right there in amongst them. In fact, we had a Trader Joe anniversary dinner last night. We bought two nice Top Sirloin filets and our side dish was the new (to me) Crinkle Wedge potatoes. Our salad contained the really inexpensive avocados the Joe sells and we also enjoyed some 'fricos' made with TJ's freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

If you're a family of two, TJ's is a great place to shop and it's less expensive than the big name markets. We didn't finish the two filets and they will become dinner again. A $5 filet just became a $2.50 bargain.

And how do you make a frico? Heat oven to 425. Put parchment paper on baking sheet and lightly oil it. Take 3 heaping teaspoons of Parmesan cheese and place (in a heap) on the parchment. Make as many little piles of cheese as you want. Keep about 2 inches between them. Put into oven for about 8 minutes. The cheese melts and the frico become golden and thin, like little cheese cookies. Use them anywhere you want; salad? or just snack on them. I understand that they keep for a week or two when put into an airtight container.

(No, I don't work for Trader Joe…)


  1. Kitty7:26 AM

    TJ's was demo-ing a great dish last week that I had to get. It was Langostino with Chimichurri rice. Both in separate bags (frozen). Add a bit of butter, garlic and parsley, heat them together and that is it. I am serving it tomorrow night to Erin's in-laws visiting from Connecticut.
    I love Trader Joe's. You are right, it is cheaper than the major stores when you are buying for 2.

  2. I should have mentioned the Chimichurri Rice. I always have a bag in the freezer! It goes with everything... though I must admit I haven't tried the langostino. We shall.

  3. So you liked the crinkle wedges?....Cheap huh? $1.69 - you could get four servings from the bag?....

  4. Yep. I have half a bag left an we've had it two times! It's really a bargain. Lie I said, TJ's is the place for those who cook for two...