Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sign Up Here

I'm miffed. I like that. It sounds…so, so right! So much so that I'm creating The Society to Return Miffed to its Proper Place in the English Language. Or the TSTRMTIPPITEL. That's because I'm really Miffed whenever I hear people use PO'd or pissed when they really mean Miffed. Those others are such inelegant and plebian words. Not worthy of us at all… so join me in being Miffed. It's a movement!


  1. Kitty7:27 AM

    Can you be enraged and outraged at the same time? I like those words too.

  2. sure...but you have to create your own 'society'. I'm afraid I have all I can do just taking care of the paperwork for TSTRMTIPPITEL.