Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yes, it does

Life goes on. And this morning I'm behind in my reading and writing because Boo the Cat decided that my lap was the place she wanted to be. With her on my lap I'm restricted to mouse use only as using the keyboard would disturb her. Must not disturb the kitty! Yes, she has taken over the house. But she does help out around here, it's not all about her. She catches mice and she's my blood pressure control and pain relief. OK, I didn't have high blood pressure to begin with, but if I had…it would be lower. I can see why every elder that can should have a pet; even a goldfish. They make you smile.

OK, I've put Boo the Cat away, placed her on her other bed and now I can type. What's new? Today is the last day of publication for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Seattle becomes a one newspaper city. That's a bad thing. And our friends, he's a columnist for the PI, face an uncertain future. Who knew that newspapers would be failing in this century? As much as I dislike the way newspapers are brought to me; late, wet or never, I have always liked the feel of a newspaper in my hands. Whenever I go to Chico and have spare time for a cup of tea at Cal Java, I buy a copy of the Sacramento Bee or the New York Times. I must say that the Bee is worrying me, as the paper is quite narrow now and filled with full page ads for chiropractors; a definite sign of economic troubles. If only the newspapers had spent their energy embracing digital news instead of fighting it…

Another stray thought; the company I used to work for acquired a specialty contracting company (Masthead Int'l Inc.) during the last few years that I was there. Their specialty was installing printing presses for newspapers. They worked all over the world and were known for the fact that they could remove the old presses and install new presses without interrupting the flow of newsprint to the public. I wonder how that division of my old company is doing these days? The press removal side of the business is probably booming.

I just looked at the Masthead website and they have diversified. Smart move!

Masthead International


  1. Kitty7:42 AM

    I was just debating this morning if I want to continue to take the Arizona Republic newspaper anymore when I see that there is probably between 10 and 20 articles in the whole front section of the paper. The rest is advertising, most of which takes up 3/4 of the page. It is really in sad shape. I see some of the columnists refer to being furloughed a few days a week now. I am not sure who will give up first, me or the paper. I do like the act and feel of reading the paper each morning.

  2. What if the newspapers had supported the development of thin film electronic 'paper'? Your favorite newspaper delivered to your kitchen table every morning and updated throughout the day by a wireless connection. It's coming, but it would be here now if the newspapers had put their money into it from the beginning.