Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Day

Life goes on. It's early, the window is now open and some fresh and cool air is replacing the old and stale air here in the study and I have my first cup in front of me and I begin to read…and the first thing that hits me is the fact that the headlines are still focused on 'torture'. The headlines don't call it torture, they call it advanced interrogation techniques, but it really is torture and calling it something else is simply a lie...but that's normal for those in power. This is from the same people who gave us 'collateral damage' to replace 'murder'.

And in a perfect world, those accused of torture would hang their heads and sob, 'yes, I'm guilty…I'm so sorry!' when confronted with the overwhelming evidence of their crimes. But that's not going to happen. There are too many people in high places that are touched by this and so they fight back, explaining with false logic that these interrogation methods (torture) worked and because they worked, we weren't attacked during the past 7 years. We were not attacked by aliens from outer space either, but that doesn't make torture OK.

Let's face it, these are defective people. They appear intelligent but there is something wrong, something evil, deep inside their minds. They actually enjoy torturing other humans. As children, I think we were all capable of this at some time, but most of us mature and that spark of evil dies out. As it is supposed to.

I can only hope that somewhere there are a few brave souls that will ignore conventional wisdom and do their best to bring these people to justice.

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