Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Turn here…

Life goes on. And so do the drugs. I'm taking an antibiotic now to fight off any infection from the cyst that was removed the other day. And on the list of possible side effects…'may make you dizzy. You should avoid operating machinery…'. It seems that is the same side effect for every drug I take, or is it just the manufacturer guarding himself against any and all possible lawsuits? I think it's the latter. But…the results for me are still the same; I'm not driving. It's now close to two months since I last drove the car. After 54 plus years of driving, I'm sitting in the passenger seat and trying to be nice about it.

But this just occurred to me; what if antibiotics really do make you dizzy? How many dizzy drivers are out there every day? Otherwise perfectly normal people, but loaded on Keflex. Just say no to antibiotics?

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