Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Voting? Again?

We have a state wide election coming up in May, and yesterday, we received one of those two page, glossy, adverts. This one was for Yes on Props 1A – 1F. There was total of 4 pages, full color and 72 point bold type. All to tell me as little as possible about the measures. But…it was filled with easy to remember slogans and a list of those who supported 1A through 1F. As if that mattered. Well…I guess it does matter. If politicians and Peace Officers associations are for it, I'm against it.

Well, one of those tiny bits of information stated that Prop 1E would temporarily redirect unspent funds to help pay for children's health programs. That sounds good, except for the weasel word 'temporarily'. What? A week? A year? A hundred years? Enough about that, what was odd was the fact that Prop 1D stated the same facts; funds for children's health. What was going on?

Suspecting something was wrong, as we always do when it comes to politics, I searched on-line this morning and found out that the funding for 1E would go to children's Mental health programs. Ah! That explains it. You can't pass a bill in this state that supports mental health in any way. The voters in California would rather pay to build 10 more prisons than to spend a dime on mental health. Mental health? Yeah, it's all in your head!

Oh, yeah…did I mention where that hateful attitude came from? Ronald Reagan.

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