Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Comment Noted

Ima, in the Comments on the previous post, has a good point. I (we) should be thankful that we have any health insurance at all. And we are. I don't know what we would do without Medicare…

Yes, it's one of those entitlements. And yes, I am entitled to it because I have paid into those funds for many years. Politicians on the Right may say that SSI and Medicare were never supposed to be covered to the extent that they are…but that's not what they told us at re-election time. That's when they claimed they were looking out for us in our old age. OK, 'perception is reality' and the majority of the populace perceives that we are entitled to good healthcare and that we should all pitch in so that all are covered. And Medicare should be expanded to cover us all.

And back to my original post about med records…if doctors would embrace technology; record keeping technology, medical care costs would decrease and medical; care would become more efficient (safe) for us all. But no, they continue to shuffle paper…and we lose.



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