Friday, May 29, 2009

Op-Ed Columnist - .Mr. Kristof

- Would You Slap Your Father? If So, You’re a Liberal -

"If you damage your prefrontal cortex, your I.Q. may be unaffected, but you’ll have trouble harrumphing."

I really enjoyed this article. As an advocate of the Myers - Briggs Type Index, I see conservatives and liberals in much the same way. It's hard wired into our psyche. Thank goodness! For instance, I'm an INFP type and the F stands for "Feeling'. I feel emotions rather than the opposite, which is simply 'Thinking' about them.

Right now the usual right wing nutjobs are blasting Judge Sotomayor for being empathetic. I can guarantee you that she has a 'Feeling' personality; she can 'feel' someones pain, where a 'Thinking' person is sympathetic and will send them a get-well card. Now what kind of judge do you want? One that is conservative, remote, and thinks dispassionately or one that can see the whole picture and knows full well what her decision will do to the parties involved? I'll take the latter, please.

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