Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Despite Recession

Demand for Skilled Labor Is High -

Another indicator that our educational system is failing us. California is actually contemplating the reduction of school hours... in a country where we are already behind the rest of the world in hours spent on education.

And those highly skilled welders that got the jobs? Yes, they are union members. It's just like everything else in this world; you get what you pay for.


  1. Nancy9:57 AM

    I have never visited your site before but noticed you on Ronni's blog roll on Times Goes By, my favorite site.

    You wrote the NY Times article re the hiring of welders skilled enough to have their work Xrayed for flaws. You made a point about those chosen for the job all being Union members, and you got what you paid for.

    RIGHT ON!!!!

    My husband spent 5 years going to apprentice School at night after working "On the job" for 8 hours and driving miles to get to the school.

    After the schooling was finished he was a Journeyman Steamfitter in Local 420 Philadelphia.

    One of his jobs was at the General Electric Space center in King of Prussia, PA. Every single weld he made there was crucial and,of course,was XRayed.. After that, he moved on to NASA and welded the MACH 10 and 20 Wind Tunnels that were being built to test space vehicles.

    He is proud of the work he did in the Space Program and no one could have done that work without years of training and experience.

    So, again I agree with you about those who were hired for that job. They were all Union members, highly trained and motivated and their employers got exactly what they paid for.

  2. Thanks for dropping by...and the comments. I was a member of the Carpenters Union for 30+ years and because of that our family had health insurance, a home and financial stability. Our money went to pay others directly and boosted the economy. There was no 'trickle down' and no 'voodoo economics' involved.