Monday, June 15, 2009

Most Cool...

Three Different Techniques Using Chalk Pastels

Browse around the MindBites website. I followed a link from Polly's art class site and was surprised at what is available here. There's another site that's similar, 'Craft', but it's pricey (everything starts at $10) and it doesn't seem to have the friendly tone of this site. The only downside is the fact that PayPal seems to be the only payment accepted.


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh, thank you Steven!!!! I can use all the help I can get to get these videos off the ground! $4/95 for 54 minutes is a steal!!!!

  2. It really the fact that you get to keep the recording. Craft only lets you rent it. How many have you done?

  3. Hey Steven,
    Thank you for your post -- we're glad you enjoyed the site! I wanted to reach out and assure you that you can pay by either PayPal or credit card. The 'buy lesson' button will take you to the credit card purchase path (where it's obvious what path the 'buy with paypal' button will take you to). I guess we need to do some thinking on a good way to make this clearer! Let me know if you have other requests/suggestions/questions/etc for us. We're always thrilled to get feedback on the site from our users and our authors!
    -- Chelsea ([at] mindbites [dot-com]). :)

  4. I also have one about using chalk pastels with three techniques...also about an hour long!