Thursday, June 4, 2009


The new netbook we bought is pretty good. It's an Acer, a red one, with a 10" screen and a 160 GB hard drive. Everything else is pretty much standard for netbooks. Oh, I did include a portable USB powered DVD player/writer with the order. The keyboard has a few quirks, but the only ones that bother me are the 'End' and 'Home' keys, which require a Shift. And I use a mouse and not the quirky touchpad. We bought it so that I could use the home network during my recovery and access the internet from wherever I happened to be…and it works. But first I had to put in a more powerful router to cover the house from one end to the other.

How well does it work? I watched a movie yesterday afternoon and it never slowed down once to buffer the input. Yes, the screen is small, but for quick's hard to beat. And with cloud computing, using Google Docs, I can write what I want where I want.

I was watching a Netflix movie on the new netbook; Benny and Joon, the 8 year old movie with Johnny Depp. I always love a Johnny Depp movie…and I was just thinking; isn't it time for him to be called John? John Depp. C'mon, he's a seriously good actor and diminutive names, such as Johnny, sound silly.

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