Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I was reading about the Senator John Ensign affair; poor choice of words? Anyway, I noted that some of the headlines were quick to point out that it was a Republican Senator that had broken his trust with the people. As much as I would like to jump on that bandwagon, I can't. He broke his trust with all of us; Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives. No – sorry, it was not just his wife and family. And I'm sure he is truthful when he says he is sorry. Yes, he is sorry that he was blackmailed into revealing it to the public. You have to know he wasn't going to tell us later; at some more appropriate time. But shouldn't he resign? Isn't that what an honorable man would do? OK, so he isn't honorable. But, shouldn't his peers require that he resign? Shouldn't that be a standing rule for all lawmakers? Am I being naïve again?


  1. Since he demanded that Clinton resign (after Lewinsky) and several others who have had "affairs", then definitely he should follow suit....otherwise known as hypocrisy?

  2. Ah, but it is hypocrisy that fuels the legislative process isn't it? Legislators consume hypocrisy with every breath. I doubt that they could live without it