Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Something New

Here is a photo of the gourd I finished yesterday. I like this one because it’s different; not at all like so much of the work I had been doing recently. This piece uses ink and gold leaf, plus fine copper wire. I am also working on one with oil pastels in an encaustic method? I’m not sure how encaustics will work on round surfaces on a warm day, but it’s worth a try. Yes, change is good. What would I do without some sort of creative expression? I can’t imagine life without it. The pain just fades away when I’m actively engaged.

I do need to find a better method for photographing these gourds, the stove is OK because it’s white, but the light from the shiny surfaces is far too harsh. I need to find an old sheet to drape on the kitchen table under the hanging light. I think that would do it.

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  1. Kitty7:07 AM

    If you find the secret to photographing artwork, let me know. I am either too close, too far away or the background takes away from the piece. I need someone with a hobby in photography to help me out