Saturday, August 15, 2009

Compare International Medical Bills

Compare International Medical Bills is an interactive database of health care costs by country. No, we're not the best. Not even close, though we spend the most.

"...the end, when all costs are added up, Americans spend more money on health care per person with fewer people covered. (Data most recent available as of July 2008.)"

So why are the Republicans lying about this? Again. Why do they have a problem with the truth? You would think that they would be ashamed...but they're not.

(Well, we have been worried for years about the 'dumbing down' of America. We don't have to worry anymore. It's happened.)


  1. Hey, I haven't been around here in a while (blame it on dial-up...), keep up the good work!

    I went to that site, was wishing they included Canada in there but oh well, still very interesting!

  2. Nice to hear from you...I've been following your travels and love the stories and photos. And you're in a spectacular part of the world right now...even if all you have is dial-up.

    I couldn't believe they didn't include Canada. What were they thinking?