Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sing Along

Netflix delivered a copy of 'Pete Seeger; The Power of Song' and we watched it last night. Even if that era is 'ancient history' to you, you should watch this film. I learned so much from watching it. And one thing I learned was that the Right Wingnuts have been around forever, spreading hatred wherever they could. It was scary to watch ignorant Americans driven to such a fury that they would throw rocks at their fellow Americans. Children throwing rocks at children with their parents helping. You could have inserted an ancient news clip of Germans throwing rocks at Jews in the 1930's and you would not have seen a difference. The parallels with today's society were quite clear. If you don't understand something or someone, then it should be hated and destroyed. And Pete Seeger has always done the right thing throughout his life no matter what was done to him. He sang and sang again. He has never stopped singing.

1 comment:

  1. Hey you got it! Great film eh? Yeah that stoning scene was chilling, I can't believe that people would lob boulders like that at other people doing nothing offensive! And children! And the police just stood by...

    America is such a country of contrasts, heroes like Seeger and then those boulder-lobbers