Tuesday, October 13, 2009

News for you

I've been reading the usual world news via the internet and the Economist magazine. With that combination I think I get close to the truth. Why a 'foreign' news magazine? Well, it's because if you wish to have a more truthful view of the world you have to know how we, as a nation are perceived from afar. You can't surround yourself with national news magazine that have a national bias, plus there are so few news magazine that are even close to the stature of the Economist. Time Magazine is a joke from cover to cover and fit only for Greyhound Bus waiting rooms, along with People magazine. Newsweek is a close second to Time.

I'm not trying to sell subscriptions to the Economist, though I can say it would be a smart move on anyone's part to read it. I donate my weekly issue to the local library for inclusion in their magazine rack. I live in a bright 'red' county, so a weekly dose of genuine news is my contribution to the effort of opening closed minds. But, enough about that. As I was trying to get my own mind in gear, I searched for 'news magazines' and found this link to all magazines with free on-line content. I tried one of the links and I found no surprises and so I'm assuming that they are all like that. I'm already adding a bunch of these to my RSS feeds. There are some great ones in there…I just added the Utne Reader.


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