Monday, November 23, 2009

Some things

I was just reading a blog where the author mentioned some of the things in the past that she loved and that are now gone. And, not surprisingly, I missed some of the same things. True, I'm a vocal supporter of change and can't stand to hear people talk about the 'good old days' because there really aren't any good old days. If those 'old days' were real, our life span wouldn't have increased over the past half century. It is certainly not wrong for me to support change and at the same time, long for the memories of childhood. Dichotomy is built into the human psyche and few are exempt. The 'good old days' are for sweet memories and not to be sought after …but I digress.

Some things that I miss.

  • Going to the airport to watch the planes land and takeoff.
  • Walking…everywhere.
  • Knowing that the house was unlocked and I wouldn't have to worry about getting in.
  • The same with my car. The keys were in it. If not in the ignition, they were on the floor or seat.
  • Solitude. It used to be easy to find.
  • Radio




I was going to continue the list but I ran out of memories. Now, that happened either because I am old or because I am on drugs. Both are true. But those memories are sufficient for this day and have given me some enjoyment. But, after that, I'm looking for some changes!


  1. I'm neither old, nor on drugs, and I seem to forget quite a bit these days :) I miss some "good old days" too. So maybe I am old? I forget... ;)

  2. You have to be specific...what was that thing or things thst made a 'good old day'

  3. Well, to begin with, I boldly left my keys in my ignition last night in front of my dad's house. Perhaps it Perhaps that is why I live in this small town. It is closer to the "good old days" way of life... Which of course is a blessing and a burden :)

  4. Of course that is why we moved to Janesville, to get back to the good old days. And it was, until the powers that be decided to buy into the 'build prisons and the money will flow' idea. Which didn't. And the whole area is all the worse for that decision.