Saturday, December 12, 2009

Though I am a cynic and proud of it, I am also an optimist. Yes, those two can go together. But lately I have a feeling that I am becoming fatalistic and that doesn't play well with optimism. The fatalism comes from the sad state of affairs in our country. I am not a member of either party but I have never seen such willful stubbornness as I have seen from the Republicans. They have not bothered to come up with any meaningful legislation this past year and have, instead, done their best to defeat any Democratic Party legislation. Defeat, not amend. And what I just said applies to the nation as well as our 'failed state' of California. In each case, the Republicans are listening to those who shout the loudest or who support their reelection bids with money. And then the.....................

Okay, I quit; all that I just wrote has been written before and far better. In fact I read this every day. Someone of importance, somewhere, writes about it because it's true and they think it needs to be said. But who is listening? To any of us? I'm afraid we have become voiceless. This is fatalism and I don't like it!

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