Thursday, January 7, 2010


Every once in awhile I allow myself some wonder…so I was browsing the internet as usual and going from one good link to the next, adding RSS feeds to my already overburdened Sage Reader when I suddenly realized…Wow! This is fantastic! There is so much information available here that it's enough to stagger you. Me. Sure, a lot of it is useless and plenty of it is deceitful, but it's all so very darn entertaining! For hours, I can enjoy my quest for entertainment while at the same time I am being educated. Don't laugh, there's plenty of education here and if you can't see it, you need to rethink your focus on life. Not a day should go by where you don't learn something and the internet delivers more than enough. What a wonderful time to be really is.


  1. I'll second that, Steve. Happy New Year!

  2. And to you as well!