Monday, January 18, 2010

Table for Two

I was reading the headlines and the thought struck me – once again, that it's Party politics that are to blame for all of our woes. If Brown wins in Massachusetts and goes on to be the Senate vote that kills the health bill, he will also be ignoring the somewhat less than the majority of the voters in that state. Yet he will claim to be representing all of the voters when he casts that vote. As do all Senators and Congresspersons. None, on either side, have a 99.9% majority. And none represent all of the voters in their state or district. But they all claim that to be true. Their only loyalty is to the 'Party'. I guess that's why I'm an independent voter. Nobody represents me. Now isn't that great? Not. But…if we were all independent voters, they would have to listen to us. Try it; unburden yourself from Party membership and set yourself free!

But first, before we destroy the Party system and liberate our votes, we have to destroy the lobbying industry. I read that lobbyists are now refusing to register as lobbyists because of the rules that restrict them and they are going underground. This means that the FBI will have to hire an army of new agents just to police the lawmakers and their new 'friends'. All the restaurants in DC will have to remodel so that they have private 'dining booths' to surround the lawmakers and their 'friends'. Is this a great country or what?

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