Thursday, February 4, 2010

From Helloooo...... Mr. President, are you listening??

GOP, thy name means HYPOCRISY:

"The war in Iraq that will eventually cost between 2 and 3 trillion, NOT paid for; Hundreds of Billions in tax cuts for the top 1%, NOT paid for; prescription drug bill written by the drug and insurance companies costing 400 billion over 10 years, NOT paid for; over 700 Billion TARP bailout by the Bush administration with NO strings attached, NEVER to see any of that money returned..... ALL under GW Bush. This my friends is the reality."

Why, oh why aren't Democrats pushing this message. It's all true, so there is no good reason for them not beat the Party of No over the head with it. The Republicans wouldn't hesitate to do it to them if the shoe were on the other foot...but it isn't and never has been.
So why can't President Obama fix a devastated economy in his first year in office? Because the Party of No took eight years to create the devastation. That's why. And they refuse to help now when it's needed.


  1. I'm no political genius but here is my opinion about how Obama went wrong. His first attempt at change was to push for health care reform. That was an easy target for the experts of misinformation (Republicans). He should have a.) went after the Wall St. fat cats with criminal charges and b.) attacked the economy problem (unemployment most). The American voter is a simple minded person and responds to slogans and sound bites. The Democrats are doing a lousy job in exposing the causes of the financial melt down. (maybe because they had a part in it). Okbama could have saved the health care reform until his second term. If he was successful in turning the economy round in his first four years then it would have been easier to gain public support for health care reform. As it's going now he may not get a second term.

  2. I think you are right and that's sad...opportunities have been squandered by not having a clear direction