Tuesday, February 16, 2010

From Time Goes By

REFLECTIONS: On Objectivity

I got up this morning and read the news as I usually do and once again I was irritated by the way the news is reported. I read the headlines and since I already know something about the stories being reported on I am flabbergasted by the various reporters views. But, wait...they aren't supposed to have views are they? News is supposed to be reported on as seen and heard and lies exposed for what they are, simply lies. That's 'Fair' and that's 'Balanced'. Isn't it? Reporters aren't supposed to spread lies, are they? And speaking of Fox news as I was trying not to. Here's a news organization that's run by Sir Rupert Murdoch, the Right wingnut from Australia who is only interested in, guess what? Money! He has no scruples and that's not a lie. And by throwing in sensationalism and blatant lies to the news mix, he gets Americans to believe that what they are seeing and hearing is factual. Any small amount of research will show you that the Fox Network lies, but who wants to do research, right? The other American news sources are not much better and so I have to get my 'Fair and Balanced' news from abroad. And guess what? Those news sources almost always have the news first and it's reported in depth and not just in the headlines.

Anyway, read this short story, it's good...no lie!

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