Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just say No to No

I just had a revelation after reading the Google/high-speed internet story. It's no wonder that I'm such a curmudgeon. Those of us who were born in the late 30's and the 40's saw America grow into the world's greatest place to live. Now we are seeing the decline. And that makes us irritated. Health care was not an issue in the 1960's and we flew to the moon. We could do anything or so it seemed. Something happened in the 70's and you can make your own case here…but somehow greed became stronger than ever. This was time for the growth of the multinational corporation that have allegiance to no nation. (These are the same corporations that SCOTUS thinks are citizens) I am a curmudgeon because so many people refuse to see that we're slipping, have slipped. And we can't change until we realize that. This country needs that 'we can go to the moon' spirit again and as long as we have the Party of No dragging us back, we'll never get there. And the Democrats' have to change as well. They have to define what is petty and rise above it. Leave the No sayers behind.

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