Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Have a Cup!

I was clued in to the Coffee Party phenomena by Birds on a Wire and it didn't take me long to join right in, though I doubt that I will ever see any Coffee parties in this bright 'Red' part of the state. I might hear of one in Chico…

Naturally I spent some time exploring the movement, both before and after joining and I was amazed at the trash talk and vitriol expended on this movement by the Right Wingnutters. They really are a nasty and mean minded bunch. Odd; I can dish out insults to the Wingnuts right here on my blog but I would never think of going to one of their blogs and insulting them. They can choose to read what I have posted or not. That's really how it's supposed to be done. Civilly. You already know how I feel by the reading of my post, why would you think I would change because you insulted me? Or do these people still have that playground mentality that made them bullies? It's time for them to grow up.

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  1. Thanks for the ref, Steve! The Coffee Party has yet to prove its worth, but I applaud its mission to spark civil discussion. Of course, as you say, there are bullies out there on the playground just itching to turn a perfectly good discussion into a fight.