Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Coffee?

I was reading through some of the posts to the Wall of the Coffee Party Facebook page and came across this one from a Wingnut…

"…Is this party for me? I hate the Democrats they are war mongers. I hate the Republicans they are war mongers. I hate Liberals who think they are elite and educated. I hate Religious Wacko Conservatives. I love the Constitution and Ron Paul? What is this all about?..."

Did you happen to notice the 'hate'? And the most telling of all…hating the educated. It's a hallmark of the Rightwing; they hate intellectuals and they prefer to be ruled by bumpkins, such as our last President. How do we change that kind of reasoning? By education and it has to start at the lowest levels, the elementary schools. But what do we do? We starve our schools to death by refusing to pay for what they need to educate our children. When it comes to statistics, we're already near the bottom among the industrialized nations when it comes to education and we seem determined to go even lower than that. Because we hate intellectuals? Doesn't seem like a good enough reason to do the damage we are doing.


  1. Never heard of the Coffee Party till you mentioned it, I think it sounds great. What a joke, eh? Politics reduced to beverages? Ah well, I suppose it's an American tradition.

  2. It certainly keeps you awake...

  3. the coffee party is gaining a lot momentum. the reason i appreciate it is because i'm hearing that it's not about "being liberal" or "being aligned with the democratic party" per se...rather, it's a movement to encourage communication.

    i've been to several meetings and have participated. i've come away with a better understanding of certain political concepts.

    i've been blogging about my learning here:

    p.s. steven, i appreciate your humor...i wonder if you'd mind if i quoted you on my blog?

  4. I'm very interested in the Coffee Party, but alas, I live in the middle of a rural 'Red' county and the closest Coffee Party is probably 150 miles away.
    Thanks for the compliments. Please quote if you wish, though I can't think of anything I said that would be quotable..
    The website you mentioned was interesting...especially since I was born and lived in the Silver Lake (Micheltorena St) district a long time ago...almost 70 years ago.

  5. a'ight. you've been quoted steven. glad to hear you lived on Micheltorena street. Wow! i can only imagine how different it was back then!