Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tea Party Avoids Divisive Social Issues

    That's the headline for a story in the NYT. The Tea Party doesn't want to believe that social issues are financial issues…of course they are, unless you rid yourself of all social concerns. Have no social concerns and the money spent there will be freed up for??? The poor and the mentally ill will be someone else's problem in a country ruled by the Tea Party. The Tea Party says that they want to have a 'Big Tent' but believe me, the poor won't be invited in for the show. The story goes on to explain that the Tea Party founders are going to focus on the economy and taxation as a way to bring in Dumbocrat's. In their view, we should see states regaining power and the federal government shrinking. 'States Rights' is rearing its ugly head once again and with that we have anarchy. States are only lines on a map anymore; when states were founded, there were very powerful social divides between them that made the argument for States Rights convincing. But now, with a homogenous population, where's the need for a state at all? And It can be argued quite logically that if we have States Rights, we certainly should be able to have County Rights. And don't forget City Rights. So who is in charge? We already fought a Civil War with States Rights as the match that lit that particular fire.


(Yes, I'm anti-state. I believe that states are an anachronism. And think of the money we could save!)

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