Friday, April 2, 2010

My Bad

I made the mistake yesterday of commenting on a discussion where the Tea Party advocates had swarmed. There were close to 150 comments at the time I arrived and most were rabid attacks on anyone who dared to think. I read most of them and I suppose I didn't notice the blood in the water before I decided to dive in with a comment of my own. I tried 'reason' as my weapon of choice and was most polite, hoping that the use of reasoning would be a beacon for those wishing civil discourse. Silly me! I was vilified instantly and in the most foul language. The anonymity of the internet seems to bring out the worst in some people and in particular, those of the Tea Party persuasion.

What were they all up in arms about? The upcoming March of the Tea Party on April 15th. They have demonstrations planned all across the country and there was a rumor that Anarchists were planning on infiltrating their ranks and then causing a disturbance that would be seen on TV as being caused by the Tea Party; discrediting them before an audience of millions. Personally, I thought it was a neat idea but unlikely to succeed as the number of Anarchists is no match for the job. Even so, the commenters were all over the rumor and most were talking about how they were bringing their 'little friend' with them to the tax day demonstration. It was quickly evident to me that 'little friend' was a euphemism for a gun. Oh yes, they were also bringing their pit bulls. True!

Where do these people come from and why? I'm mystified and a little bit scared. Should I have a 'little friend' of my own? Nah! That would be stupid…


  1. The Tea Party wants to give the impression that it is a grass roots movement. It doesn't take much research to discover the big money neo-conservative power behind it. The leaders of the far right have spent a generation stirring up the working class and appealing for their votes by a show of (false)patriotism. Those working people never see the connection between the powers they keep in office and their own eroding quality of life. Just shoot off fireworks and wave the flag and these people will get on board without even considering the destination.

  2. I can only hope that the train is a short one and will soon be derailed.

  3. It's like they know they will get out of control and are already looking for someone other than themselves to blame.

  4. I can already hear it and see it (misspelled of course)