Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No infection...yet

I'll take the 'Left Coast' over the 'heartland' any old time! It seems that California (not my little part of it...sigh) has resisted the insanity and has rejected the 'big money' Republicans. And it looks like the tea party fascists haven't made a lot of progress here but the chances for that kind of infection are too close for comfort.


  1. I am so proud of and so relieved for California! The state's been badly hit by the recession and I was worried about how vulnerable it was to the Kochs, but character and integrity triumphed! A model for the rest of the country. Show us how it's done, CA!!!

  2. I wish we on the Gulf of Mexico could claim to be without an infection. I just KNEW Alex Sink would be our new governor.

    Congrats to you and I hope you manage to stay healthy in a non-healthy environment!

  3. Yes, stay healthy in a non-healthy environment! That's why I left there, filthy infected place.