Saturday, December 4, 2010

Living in a 'Red' county

Supervisors stanp out food outreach program

This is pretty much typical of the small minds that govern in the County of Glenn. The economy here is focused on agriculture and that means it is one of the poorest counties in the state. Poverty and agriculture go hand in hand. Unless you're a rancher. With federal subsidies and federal crop insurance. Now along comes a program that will cost the county nothing and will bring money into the local economy. The state is trying to distribute federal money to the counties through the CalFresh program but these Reagan loving supervisors will have nothing to do with it. Even though the food stamp recipients will spend that money in local stores, aiding the local economy, the supervisors are doing their 'moral' duty by refusing to help in the outreach of this program. With all of this high morality you would think that they might refuse all federal aid for this county...but you would be wrong. Their sense of right and wrong is very selective.


  1. Short-sighted and stupid. CalFresh has a preventions goal, and there's a ton of good research to prove that prevention methods are less expensive than treatment methods. CalFresh education now or Medicaid costs later--take your pick.

  2. ... They don't even realize that the tax dollars that they have already paid could come back to the county via the CalFresh program. They just threw away thousands of dollars by their decision... here's the mindset of these bozo's 'the stamps only go to illegals anyway.' Of course every immigrant here, with or without papers, is here to work for the lowest wages possible and then treated like dirt. Free food? No way, Jose!