Monday, January 17, 2011

Progress Notes from

- Doctors for America

I was reading Dr. Kevin Pho's newsletter and ended up on this site after reading one of the articles...some good reading here! The one that caught my eye was entitled "It's easier to get a gun than mental health care: mass shootings are a symptom of our broken health care system."


  1. YES!!! The GOP seems to be willing to steal health and health insurance, offer guns instead.

    Okay, okay, that's a very broad conclusion, but I keep looking for those broad conclusions; I've studied the details until I'm cross-eyed and I still feel robbed.

    Thank you for this!

  2. Nance; oddly enough, I read this before I read your latest post on mental illness/Tucson Incident. (sounds like a good film title if it weren't so achingly true...)

    I read KevinPho MD every chance I get and that's very often.

  3. sad but true...I recently heard a stat that only 1% of the population gets mental health help such as talk therapy. That's ridiculous, that's, excuse the pun, INSANE.

  4. Talk therapy...and I believe that 100% of the people need this at some point in their lives. Can you imagine what a help that could be for those that are on the edge? Just to be able to talk freely to another human being...

    What am I thinking? As you said... That's crazy talk!

    Back in the day, when I was a Navy Hospital Corpsman, I was in the max security neuropsychiatric ward...every day. That's where I worked. And that was my job, to spend time talking with the patients. Never judging, never threatening. It was good for both of us.