Monday, February 14, 2011

PolitiFact says

Mitt Romney tells CPAC that more are out of work in U.S. than employed in Canada:
This meeting of the Conservatives is like a meeting of the Liars Club...can you top this one? Why doesn't the media ever call them on these blatant lies? Because the news media belongs to the Right Wing.

Here's what an economist said, a Conservative economist at that...
"Frankly, I don't see that Romney's comparison makes much sense, whether it can be backed up or not,"

Oh, 'Mitt', do we have to listen to your fabrications for the next year and half? Why don't you go home now and spare us the pain?


  1. There are more Mormons in Utah than in Quebec, too. And more Yankees in New York than in Kansas City. And more communists in China than in the rest of the world. Plus, and this is not well know, there are more geeks in Silicon Valley than on the Baja Peninsula.

  2. More geeks in the Siicon Valley than on the Baja Peninsula? I might just have to go check that out. First stop; Finisterre in Cabo. I'll bring a paper and pencil to count on or I could use a bar napkin I suppose.

  3. Sad but true about media bias.....
    Maybe Romney should buy them like Bush did......

  4. oh my, my word verification is "bulli"
    How appropriate (regarding Romney of course).

  5. both the previous posts were mine....Google is f*!kin' with me.

  6. What's with Google anyway? They tried to keep me out of my own blog!