Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I just read that our President has released the "long form' of his birth certificate. He should never have done it. He's playing right into the wacko's hands with it. Now they will claim it's a forgery...'it must be, otherwise he would have shown it earlier.' These fools won't let up. You watch...


  1. I think he had to try as he's not like them-- only wanting a distraction. If he wants real discussion of real issues, he has done what he can but idiots like Trump won't let up on that or anything else. Trump has already been saying it must be examined as why wasn't it shown earlier. Racist, bigots is what they are and they show themselves over and over to be at the level they are. It is infuriating. Sincere conservatives should want this put aside to discuss the things that matter to this country in terms of governing issues and we can easily tell who is who in this.

  2. Argh! Trump! Just when I think no one could be a bigger fool than (name any ten tea party republicans), along comes Trump.

  3. The birth certificate was just certified on Tuesday. It is a true certified copy, but that won't stop the crazies. You have hit the nail on its head!