Saturday, July 23, 2011

Things are happening

It seems we are adrift now. No home!

Okay, the house is in escrow (a good thing) and we have made an offer on what we hope will be our future home. (another good thing) We have our fingers crossed that the offer will be accepted. Our agent seems positive, so all we have to do now is borrow some of that positive energy from her!

Although we took a beating on the sale of our present home, the same market conditions have helped on the purchase of this new home. We believe the new home to be seriously undervalued. All we have to do now is wait for it to regain that value and we have nothing but'll happen.

This move will produce some culture shock. The last time we had neighbors that we're closer than 50' away was in 1977. Now we will be in 'suburbia', surrounded on three sides by civilization to the max. Directly behind us, the side not in suburbia, is a small ranch of, maybe, 20 acres. But that's behind a wooden fence that's on a raised portion. I would need a ladder to see over it. To the northeast of that ranch are the foothills that lead to the northern extreme of the Sierras.

I'm certain that we're going to love the new home. It's closer to family and we won't have the physical challenge that the orchard presented to us. I do think that we might be able to grow a tomato or two here, but not much more than that. Which only means that we will have to go to the local farmer's market more often. We know our power bill will be much smaller here. No swimming pool and no well. And it took a lot of energy to cool off that big house. So, all in all...we think it's the right move.


  1. You sold in this market! That's miraculous!

    I hear the shock, but we know it's the right thing to do at our age...closer to civilization and less pressing on us to do.

  2. Nance, it's easy to sell in this market. Just give it away except for a small, a token, amount of cash. And it only took us a year and a half!