Friday, October 28, 2011

Commonwealth Fund

Health care report shows US care quality deteriorating

From My FDL...

Look at the data and tell me why we should allow the republicans to further deteriorate 'The world's Best Health Care'.


  1. I almost didn't need to read this FDL report to know the truth of it. I can see it in my doctor's office. I can hear it in my son's voice as he tries to decide between paying his health insurance premium or paying his mortgage this month. Come to think of it, I can feel it sort of niggling at the back of my throat this very moment. Damn the Right.

  2. We have the best if you're able to pay for it, but with the economic downturn more and more can't even with coverage.

  3. sadly, even with all the money you want in your wallet...our health care is no longer number one.

  4. More and more stuff coming out about the health hazards of Evidence Based Medicine...the tyranny of the blood test. The Atlantic article.

  5. In a week I will be heading to the lab for my semi-annual checkup. I take artificial thyroid because my thyroid is failing, along with a host of other body parts that are failing as well.
    I think I'm lucky because I'm seeing a PA and not an MD. I believe that he is always trying just a little bit harder because he doesn't have the MD after his name.
    He has always listened to me and I feel that we're partners in my healthcare. No, I don't get a full half hour to vent, but he does give me his full attention for the time needed.
    About a week after the lab test, I will meet with him and we will talk about the fact that I'm still tired and without much ambition. More thyroid? Or more anti-depressants? I will have emailed him ahead of time with a list of my concerns and so we will be focused on those things.
    Yeah, I think I'm lucky. I have seen the other type of physician and there are far too many of them.
    How does this change for the better? It has to come from the doctors. They are in charge and don't seem to know it. If doctors all across this nation would stop for a moment and tell the insurance industry that they won't continue with this kind of patient 'care', we would see an enormous change...for the good!
    Sorry; rambling. Must be my thyroid. Gotta go take a pill.