Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Global Rich List

Global Rich List:

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    An interesting thought: The administration nixed the additional Canadian Keystone pipeline, under the theory that it is dangerous to the environment and Nebraska. However the Canadians are neither controled by the administraion nor their supporters, and they (the Canadians) have indicated they will build the pipeline regardless, just that it will instead go west, to Vancouver BC area, for oil export to China. Just swell on three counts:

    (1) if it was really concern over the environment, is Canada not part of the earth? Obviously they (the progressive dems) don't seem to care or they would be talking about it.
    Could it really be about "demarketing" the supply at least to the US, to meet another agenda? Oh oh, higher energy prices for yours and mine.....

    (2) Great, now the oil or gas will head directly out of the US market, which is really what the agenda is, if it cannot otherwise be demarketed, as it is a significant part of the agenda, to drive energy prices up. They have been sidelined apparently since 2003 on this goal, by the economic situation and the price of natural gas, with threatens in a very real way their cap and trade (cap and tax) idea that allegedly Al Gore was part of, which would be exceptionally punative, except for perhaps people in or associated with government that allegedly may have been intending to benefit in some form.
    The problem is, most impacting to the next generation ie our American families.

    (3) the oil arriving at Vancouver area ports will be shipped out thru the San Juan straights, and the vessesl (estimated many x current) traffic will pose an immediate threat to the American San Juan Islands, Puget Sound, western shorelines of the State of Washington, salmon, orca, and all other marine wildlife. They apparently don't give a damn about Washington State either, except for the electoral votes, or the issue would have been front and center in the press. Where, by the way, are the congressional reps from the State of Washington on this point? Why are they not speaking out? Are Washington State waters and the west coast including Oregon and even California less important than the State of Nebraska? hmmmmm....

    Could it be, they are conflicted? Surely they would not throw the state and west coast under the bus.......??
    ......would they?

    Confused....something does not add up.....and is this not a bigger issue than contraception or the wealth gap at the moment??
    "Under my plan, American energy prices would necessarily significantly rise". (double?). Who said that?....hmmmmm.

    Would it not be much better to take advantage of the resource from Canada, by refining in the USA, and providing gasoline to this market at market prices regardless?
    By the way, Sinclair has two major refineries in Wyoming. Would it not be better to run the pipelines to them, increase the refining capacity there, even at taxpayer expense, and utilize existing distribution pathways (including pipelines) for the refined product, to benefit Americans rather than Asia? Why bother running the lines all the way to the gulf anyway? ......hmmmmm.....

    map link, fyi

    At the very least, seems like the residents of the PNW should be demanding the pipeline, if not allowed into the US, be built going east, to St. John, so east coast ports (Boston maybe?) will take the risk of a tanker disaster, rather than the West coast. Hows that for a concept? Wonder what those east coast type reps might have to say?
    What do you think?

    By the way other matters reviewing notes: John Fifer married Mary Tacket in 1812. He was born in 1784. Appears his father (joseph, James, Jacob??) was born in 1764, already in the Shenandoah Valley at that time. My guess the first Fifer was on a "Palantine" ship in the 1730-1745 time frame.

  2. All very interesting...but, from all that I have read, the 'oil' coming from Canada has to be extracted from the oil bearing sands and that requires a great deal of thermal energy. Expensive energy. This is then added on to the bbl price. Now add refining and bear in mind that this is not sweet light crude. Plus, we do not have the refining capacity to deal with it. There have been no new refineries in over two decades now. The amount of time to get a new refinery on line could take as long as ten years.
    I always think of what my last boss told me (A Master in Physics and a conservative Republican from the Midwest). He opined that our great grandchildren will curse us for using all of this oil to make gasoline! It's far too valuable for such a mundane use. And yet we waste millions of bbl's of it every day. Yes, I drive an Altima hybrid.
    Thanks again for the genealogy notes!

  3. The pipeline decision has not been made yet and President Obama has not cancelled it. True, oil is better than coal for power generation but nuclear trumps them both.

    1. Anonymous1:38 PM

      How about the environmental concerns re tankers and American waters? And where are the politicians of all stipes and party on that one? And why not St. John instead, and can imagine what the "political elite east coast ruling class" would have to say about that.....

      Unforutately, tend to think it is all about power and control rather than what is best for the American people or more specifically our families. Seems the political agenda is more about "divide and conquer" and the media is simply one of the obliging tools, as they are clearly creating intense divide all round. Ed Schultz for example talks about American jobs lost overseas, but then the commercials on the network and his show until recently include Hyundai, Nissan, Subaru, others, financial conflict there eh, or is it might makes right, and the end justifies the means? (then, what is the endgame...)

      Well if you have had a chance to read about or are already familiar with the Palantine migration, then appears the Fifer line was made up of rather independent minded and individualistic men and women, not content being controlled either by princes, or government power agenda's, especially conflicting unclear agenda. (Palatinate as I understand was really a principality, and the people of the time really serfs under the control of the ruling class alternating over years between French and Prussians).

      There are several John Fifer's around 1800 in Virginia by the way. The direct line to Lou is not the John Fifer that married an Elizabeth Philpott it seems, if you happen to research at some point. They may have been related, but not sure. But John Fifer married to Tackit, headed to Henry county Indiana (up the whitewater from the Ohio River), and found some records indicating he stayed there, while his son at some point headed to Iowa. Not sure exactly what the attraction was with Iowa, as it seems land may have not been homesteaded, but purchased, regardless, as a means for the government to establish a further claim on Indian territory.

      Previously mentioned another line that links back to the Rhine. Middle name is West, guess which relates to Wesley linguistically. Think they originate from the same area, but not sure. Anyway, once started west from the upper Rhine, they kept running, it seems.

      There is some evidence this area of Europe was settled in terms of farming, as a result of the Plague, in the mid 1300's. Have some thoughts about that.

  4. regarding American jobs lost overseas; I would think that most of those jobs were lost because of the decisions of American employers. They took the easy road and never thought to see what could be done to keep the jobs at home. Germany leads the world in 'quality' production and have not suffered these kinds of losses. In the long run, high quality production will save our economy. But where do get the workers that can do that? Not from our school system; a system that only sees college as the destination for all students.
    And then again, what is an American company? Ford, GM and Chrysler aren't. Nor are any of the major oil companies. ConAgra, Apple and Intel are not American companies...all could move their corporate offices in a heartbeat and no one would notice the difference.
    I hadn't read about the Palatinate before and now I have started. It is fascinating! My wife's family were Austrian and Welsh while I have strains of England, Scotland and now German from the Palatinate. I have some reading to do!