Monday, May 7, 2012

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Bans Funding Planned Parenthood - ABC News:
Ms Brewer states...
"This is a common sense law that tightens existing state regulations and closes loopholes in order to ensure that taxpayer dollars are not used to fund abortions, whether directly or indirectly," Brewer said in a statement. "By signing this measure into law, I stand with the majority of Americans who oppose the use of taxpayer funds for abortion.""

Okay, I oppose all of the wars and 99% of what the War Department does...I suppose I shouldn't pay my taxes. After all, there doesn't seem to be any way to separate the taxes spent on war from the taxes spent on those things that benefit us all.

Jan Brewer is an idiot.

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  1. The only thing more of an idiot than her are those who voted her in. Sometimes voters just amaze me-- and not in a good way.

  2. I may steal your comments!

    1. certainly...mi comments es su comments. Or something like that.