Tuesday, July 17, 2012

apropos of nothing at all...

'apropos of nothing at all' was my mother's remark to me on most occasions when I interrupted the adult conversation around me...which I did quite often.

Now on to another subject. I am so very tired of hearing that the wealthy create jobs. It's such a patent lie. It's the demand of the consumer that creates jobs. I want a new stove but I can't buy it because I'm making so little per hour and I have no money in my savings because I was paid so little on my last job. So the stove factory doesn't hire anyone to build that stove I wanted. Duh! The guy that owns the factory hasn't created any jobs. And the very wealthy take their money and put it into off-shore accounts. There's no job creation there!

How do the Republicans face themselves in the mirror each morning? Robert Reich, who can be read here or on his Facebook page said it all a few minutes ago. I'll paste that comment here because he has already shared it with all of his Facebook fans and asked them to share it with their friends..."Senate Republicans blocked the DISCLOSE ACT. No surprise there, but they should be held accountable. They're making a mockery of our democracy, once again. Their logic? That required disclosure of the names of wealthy or corporate political donors might cause them to be intimidated, and therefore infringe on their First Amendment rights. I don't know many billionaires who intimidate easily, especially when it comes to making large political contributions. And I've never heard of an intimidated corporation."

 In closing, let me say, apropos of nothing at all, that Mitch McConnell is a piece of dirt.


  1. Noone cares. Obviously you and I are just 'jealous' of their money and their yachts and their 14 houses and their lack of morals and their inability to understand that they have a moral obligation to this country and those who inhabit it!

  2. Yes, that's me. Just green with envy.