Sunday, August 12, 2012

A choice has been made

I'm not surprised. Those in charge of the Republican Party knew they had to have someone on the ticket to charge up their regressive base. And Mr. Ryan will certainly do that. Let's see; he wants to cut SSI and Medicare before he has them removed altogether.And taxes for the wealthy will decrease under the Ryan Plan and that means the someone else's taxes will have to increase. Duh! It's very much like the Reagan Plan when he took office, and if you will remember, he ended up increasing the taxes and the role of government. But not the taxes on the wealthy. Reagan wasn't going to do anything to hurt his boss's empires. So now Ryan wants to do the same thing and you may notice that everyone is talking about Ryan's Plan and not Romney's. That's because he doesn't have one. He is truly an empty suit. He has nice hair and millions of Mormon votes. And that's all that Ryan needs to fulfill his dream of gutting the government for the benefit of his friends.

With any luck at all, Ryan and his friend will not be elected. Then we can look forward to 4 more years of  venom from the regressive right. Sigh.

I'm still registered as an independent. I'm not a Socialist nor am I a Communist. I like to think that I'm a progressive (without a capitol P). Independent voters are increasing all of the time and that weakens the two parties; a good thing. Imagine a country without the two parties; those in office would have to listen to all of our comments, praises and criticism's. No more being deaf to the pleas of the citizens of the 'wrong' party.

Speaking of Socialism; we already have some of that in our government and it works quite well. I think we could use some more. A more perfect society would contain capitalism and socialism. You can make make money in your ventures but you need to help the widow and the crippled. All those that life has cast aside. How hard could that be if we all did it?


  1. I'm not a socialist either, but I agree with you on the melding of socialism and capitalism. While the Republicans insist they are trying to save our country from the dangers of socialism, I have to ask this question: Who is going to save us from the dangers of capitalism?

  2. I think it's supposed to us...but I'm tired. They're wearing me out!

  3. I know what you mean. I used to rant on my own blog, but I was getting too angry and had to go on blood pressure medicine. So now I leave a comment here and there and try to remain calm.