Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sail away

Politicians on both sides are blaming the other for the loss of jobs. The 'outsourcing'. Yet it is the American public that is to blame. We want the cheap goods. We buy the cheap goods. And I don't mean cheap in quality, just in price. And with our wallets open every day of the year at stores like Target, KMart and Wal Mart, we guarantee that those jobs will remain outsourced. The largest container ship in the world*, the Emma Maersk, sails across the world from China in just five days and it is loaded with goods for Wal Mart and Wal Mart only. So every two weeks, the Emma Maersk supplies us with the cheapest of goods. And I'm not even counting the hundreds of smaller container ships that are making the same kind of voyage. Those jobs? They sailed away while we wished them Bon Voyage!

ps did you know that both China and India are caught in the same trap? Yes, they are outsourcing jobs to nations that will do the work for less.because their citizens want a better deal. Good luck with that!

*there's probably a larger one by now...

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