Thursday, August 23, 2012


Why do so many people think that the Keystone pipeline project is all about bringing oil and jobs to the USA? In some small way that is true. The oil will travel through the heartland of the USA on its way to a refinery in Texas where it will be made into gasoline that will then depart our shores on a supertanker bound for China. China is the Canadian company's customer for this gasoline. There will be some jobs created; mainly to build the pipeline and when that is complete, the jobs are gone. The Canadians were prepared to build that pipeline to British Columbia if we hadn't caved in. Building a pipeline to the Gulf coast is cheaper than building one to the Pacific.

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  1. They believe the lie because of who they have decided to trust. That group knows how to 'sell' something and they sold this as energy self-sufficiency which is all some want to hear. They never dig deeper. It's how Romney might win come November-- ignorant voters who want to see themselves as superior and who have been sold a bill of goods-- over and over and over