Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Driving around

I spotted more than one politicians' plea for my vote. They're everywhere! And the the standard theme these days is to promise jobs. City council, county supervisors, state representatives, dog catcher...they are all promising jobs. Of course it's all a lie. If you want jobs to reappear you have to educate. There are only so many service jobs and they are always filled with those that didn't aspire to higher goals because their education was so poor. We didn't give them the education they deserved. In the meantime, mid level technical/engineering jobs are going unfilled for a lack of qualified applicants. When will we learn?

I'm anxiously awaiting the delivery of my ballot. I want to fill it out immediately and get it back to the registrar. I heard that California now has over 50% of the voters using 'absentee' ballots. Now if we could only turn that 50% into independent voters, we would have some power! Power to eliminate the two party system...that's what I want to see.  

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